Vegan Cucumber Tea Sandwiches

  • 1 (8-ounce) holder veggie lover cream cheddar, for example, Kite Slope
  •     2 tablespoons finely slashed new chives, in addition to something else for serving
  •     2 tablespoons finely slashed new level leaf parsley
  •     1 tablespoon finely slashed new tarragon
  •     Fit salt and newly ground pepper
  •     8 cuts vegetarian white or pumpernickel sandwich bread, or a mix
  •     2 small scale cucumbers, daintily cut into adjusts

    Stage 1

        Mix together cream cheddar and spices. Season daintily with salt.
        Stage 2

        Spread 1 tablespoon herbed cream cheddar on each bread cut. Shingle cucumber adjusts on top of four bread cuts. Season with salt and pepper. Sandwich with outstanding bread cuts, cream cheddar side down.
        Stage 3

        Utilizing a sharp blade, cut off outsides, then, at that point, cut sandwiches into triangles or fingers. Daintily plunge one edge of each sandwich in chives; serve.

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