Just like there’s the perfect cup for every saucer and an ideal knife for every chef, there’s the best food storage container for every leftover, prepped lunch, and bulk item—because you can’t store a chicken carcass in a mason jar, and while you could keep soup in a single-use zippered sandwich bag, don’t. To find out the ideal vessels for storing every imaginable type of food, we sought out the wise advice of our test kitchen editors and contributors, a group of people who know their way around leftover sauces, stews, and grains. Below are their top picks for repackaging food to keep it fresher, longer.

For meat, fish, and pasta: glass containers

Typical weeknight dinner situation: You made too much pasta with red sauce (on purpose) and you’re meting out the leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch. Skip the plastic containers and go with glass ones. You need a nonporous material that won’t turn a faint shade of red post-tomato sauce and an airtight seal so nothing leaks. BA contributor Anna Stockwell recommends the Oxo Good Grips Smart Seal glass food storage set because of its tight locking lids and silicone gaskets: “They seal really well, are freezer-safe, and they’re easy to clean. Plus, they’re made of oven-safe borosilicate glass,” which makes reheating leftover lasagna that much easier.